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02.02.2022 00:00 Age: 2 yrs

3 Important Steps for Employee Winter Hand Care

Dry, cracked hands are a common issue for many during cold winter months. We offer some time-tested, practical tips for dealing with the challenges of winter skin care at work, home or when enjoying the great outdoors!

1. Protect the natural barrier function of the skin
It’s true that frequent hand washing, cold temperatures and low air humidity during winter months can wreak havoc on hands.  How well skin can withstand winter’s harsh conditions is determined a lot by a person’s genes with the mix of proteins, lipids, and oils of their skin. However, there are products specifically designed to support the skin’s natural barrier function and even boost its condition. Workplace substances along with winter weather are a double attack on hands. Encourage employees to use pre-work creams specially formulated for their needs and function. And remind employees to do things as simple as wear good, clean winter gloves when heading outside!

2. Use the right cleanser
Seek out the right cleansers for hands that aren’t overly harsh or that contain aggressive scrubbers that unnecessarily stress the skin. Selecting the appropriate cleanser for each situation in the workplace allows for good hand hygiene that is as gentle as possible yet as strong as necessary. Using specialized cleansers that are uniquely formulated for various skin cleansing requirements allows for customized solutions for nearly every work environment.

3. Moisturize often (and we mean often!)
Dermatologists agree that applying moisturizer once a day isn’t nearly enough. Good skin conditioning regimens consist of frequent use, complete application and the best products to replace lost moisture. Using just the right amount of a high-quality conditioning cream is the action that helps regenerate and strengthen the skin…every single time it is used. So it’s important to remind employees to condition hands often.

Promote consistent and qualitative skin care practices.  Remind employees that consistently following the steps of applying pre-work creams, cleansing and moisturizing makes all the difference for healthy winter skin. Signage, strategically placed products and easy to use dispensers all help make skin care a visual, top-of-mind priority.

These steps are simple but extremely effective ways to encourage everyone to take (winter) hand care seriously. And it’s true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to serious occupational skin challenges.

With our brand GREVEN®, we at PGP have nearly 100 years of experience in developing and manufacturing exceptional products for clean and healthy skin. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with you to effectively and economically help manage occupational skin care for your workforce.  

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