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26.06.2020 00:00 Age: 4 yrs

Infections can be avoided by proper hand washing!

Correct hand hygiene as part of an operational skin care concept is the right tool for prevention even during flu / infection waves

Proper hand washing with regular hand cleaner is usually sufficient for healthy persons at work and at home in order to remove bacteria. We recommend and stock the following items to help prevent the spread of germs that can lead to illness and infections:
Greven® Hair Body Hands & Greven® Blue Wash

Accurate hand washing is part of the three pillars of an operational skin care concept for the prevention of occupational skin diseases. The three pillars of occupational skin care are:

1.) adapted pre-work creams that are applied before and during work in order to prevent direct contact between the skin and potentially irritating substances when wearing gloves is not possible;                        

2.) as mild and gentle skin cleansing as possible, but adapted to the respective type and degree of dirt;

3.) as well as the necessary and regular skin conditioning after work to avoid dry skin and eczema, which can be caused by working substances and frequent hand washing.



Under this motto we, Peter Greven Physioderm (PGP), have been working for our customers in industry, trade and services for almost 100 years.  As a comprehensive and specialized system provider, we produce and sell a complete program for the prevention of occupational skin diseases worldwide with competence and experience. In addition to the three pillars of pre-work measures, skin cleansing and skin conditioning already mentioned, we also supply the suitable dispensing systems. Our services also include on-site risk analysis and advice, as well as information and training for employees.
We will gladly send you free samples and advise you on all aspects of occupational skin care.

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