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01.04.2019 23:00 Age: 5 yrs

Peter Greven Physioderm (PGP) Relaunches Occupational Skin Care Products on U.S. Market

Michelle Percival

This spring, German skin care manufacturer Peter Greven Physioderm will be relaunching Greven, its signature brand of occupational skin care products in the U.S., aligning the design of their current product line to that of their European counterpart. "This adaptation," said International Marketing Manager Stephanie Reichenberger, "is to provide greater brand recognition to our international client base and present ourselves consistently between markets." Despite the new look, Peter Greven assures its customers that this relaunch will not in any way compromise the composition and effectiveness of their current skin care products. To date, the German market leader's portfolio includes pre-work creams, skin cleansers and skin conditioning creams, as well as suitable dispensing systems to provide optimal dosage to their users. With the release of patented Active Soft Pearls, PGP cemented their reputation as a global leader in innovative problem solving with a formula that utilizes wax beads made of natural hydrogenated castor oil to remove stubborn dirt from hands while maintaining excellent skin compatibility. In addition, PGP relies heavily on environmental sustainability for strong skin cleansing through the use of olive seed powder in many of their heavy duty hand cleaners and, as a result, have been awarded with the EU Ecolabel for a number of these innovations.

As an occupational skin care expert, Peter Greven Physioderm recognizes the importance of providing their customers with the information and resources necessary to properly care for their skin. With the help of North American skin care consultant, Michelle Percival, PGP strives to support companies with holistic, systematic and continuous advice. Based in Michigan, Michelle works to expand PGP's service network to the U.S. market and is available to consult with companies on all occupational skin care issues.

As a 3rd generation, family-owned company, Peter Greven Physioderm is dedicated to maintaining its founders vision of providing optimal customer care and comprehensive solutions in the field of occupational skin care. With a cutting-edge spirit that continues to drive their success throughout the European market, PGP hopes to showcase their reputation as an industry leader in the U.S. with the same level of quality and dependability that people have come to expect.

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