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Pre-Work Creams

Pre-work creams support the skin’s natural barrier function, for example, by building a protective film or by strengthening the upper layers of the skin. In order to reach an adequate barrier on the skin, the products have to be adjusted to the respective kind of stress the skin is confronted with. Caring substances as panthenol and allantoin will help to improve the natural regeneration of the skin. As the products may neither affect the skin’s functioning nor should have a negative effect on the working process, it is important that the creams do not interact with the working material or lead to a negative feeling of the skin. In order to prevent misapplications, the products’ application area should be clearly indicated. It also has to be assured that all employees apply the products correctly. 

Skin Cleansing

Skin cleansing products should be selected according to the type and the degree of...

Skin Conditioning

Skin conditioning products support the skin’s natural regenerative power and thereby...

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