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CASE STUDY – Dirt-Binding Castor Oil Beads As Dirt Removing Agent

An in vivo study conducted at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg analyzed the results of using dirt removing agents on healthy skin. Occupational situations where grease, oil, metal particles, coal, black lead or soot are present in the work environment traditionally require cleansers that utilize abrasive agents to remove the skin contaminates. In this study, an alternative cleanser was considered that contained castor oil beads (also referred to as wax pearls) and it was compared to a popular abrasive ingredient of walnut shell powder.
(Based on the article in British Journal of Dermatology, Volume 162, Issue 4, 1 April 2010, Pages 812–818)
15 individuals with healthy skin (no known skin disease) applied skin cleanser containing wax pearls (GREVEN® Active Pearls™) and a cleanser with walnut shell powder to specific areas of the skin, 4 times per day for 3 weeks. While the cleaning results were comparable, obvious and measurable differences in effects on the skin were monitored and reported.
As expected, and in accordance with the findings in the British Journal of Dermatology noted above, skin remained healthy even with frequent washing when castor oil/wax beads (Active Soft Pearls) were used as the dirt-removing agent. Walnut shell powder as the scrubbing agent caused skin irritation, noticeable redness and loss of moisture. Using Active Soft Pearls as a dirt-removing agent in place of other ingredients that scrub the skin provides minimal abrasion with maximum contaminate removal.

Dirt and grease removal in occupational settings should always focus on ways to be as gentle as possible to the skin while being as strong as necessary to remove contaminates. To be truly effective, workers must use cleansers correctly and frequently without the concern of damaging the skin. Healthy skin is the first line of defense against occupational skin disease.

Patented GREVEN® Active Pearls™ is specifically formulated to bind dirt and remove challenging substances while preventing irritation from frequent washing. Unlike other occupational soaps on the market, this skin cleanser combines exceptional cleaning with skin-friendly ingredients using Active Soft Pearls (castor oil/wax beads). Consider replacing conventional occupational soaps containing other scrubber ingredients with GREVEN® Active Pearls™.

Through 100 years of experience in manufacturing occupational skin care solutions, GREVEN® products have come to offer comprehensive and innovative options for the management of workplace hand hygiene. This case study is a powerful example of how new ideas and extensive knowledge come together to create a product that can make a significant difference in a workplace.

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